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Mrs. Deborah Boetig

Deborah is mom to five children (ages 5-17) and has been homeschooling from the very beginning (12+ years). She is passionate about living books and awaking the hearts and minds of students through learning. One of her favorite ways to experience God's goodness is through His Creation - which is all around us. Deborah brings her Charlotte Mason experience and approach to co-op and enjoys seeing students delight in learning. She and her husband Matt have been married for 20 years and live on a homestead in Smithville where they grow and raise food for their family. When she's not at co-op, homeschooling, or homesteading, she also enjoys reading, bible study, organizing field trips, and fellowship with friends. 

Mr. Andrew Carroll

Andrew Carroll is fireman/paramedic with an interest in self sustainability, homesteading, and off grid living. In 2012 he joined a volunteer Fire department where he took fire 1&2, fire instructor, EMT, and eventually went on to get his paramedic license and a job doing fire/medic full time, leaving his 10 years in banking behind. Andrew was homeschooled through all 12 grades and plans to homeschool, teach, and be very hands-on in his children's education, both in and outside of the classroom. Andrew has been married to Mrs. Carroll since 2017 , they have 3 boys and live on a small hobby homestead outside of Dearborn MO. Andrew enjoys podcasts, being outdoors, camping, and gardening.

Mrs. Laura Carroll

My husband and I were both homeschooled through all 12 grades. I enjoy crafts of all kinds but crochet is my favorite. I also love to read, cook, bake, can, and swim. I homeschool my children so we can teach each subject at a pace suitable to each individual and learn hands-on as there are many things I feel schools doesn't teach. Above all else we openly teach and practice our faith in God through all we do. 

Mrs. Megan Clary

Megan is a 2nd generation homeschooler, having been homeschooled herself from 5th grade through high school. Prior to being home schooled, she attended a private Christian school. She earned her Associate of Arts in Music after high school. She is mom to 5 children, ages 5-12 and has homeschooled them from the beginning. She and her husband Eddie have been married since 2009. When she's not teaching her crew about Jesus or whatever subject they're working on, she enjoys singing, reading, time with her family and friends, coffee, and watching hallmark mysteries. 

Mrs. Ashley Daniels

Ashley Daniels is a passionate Follower of Jesus, a devoted wife and mother of 3, a fierce friend, teacher, pastor, and writer. She calls Missouri home and lives in the Northland of Kansas City . Ashley is passionate about teaching the Word of God in a way that is approachable, relatable, and drenched in God’s love and Mercy. It is her mission to reach people in all walks of life with a message of hope and to help them know their need for and purpose in Christ Jesus. Ashley serves her church in many roles, she is a certified pastor with the Assemblies of God and is working toward her license, furthering her education in God. She has been homeschooling for 12+ years. Ashley wears many hats, but bringing her children up in a home that is Christ-centered is her number one focus. The Daniels family consists of three children, a 14-year-old old boy, a 10-year-old boy, and a 6- year-old girl. They are always ready to get together and hang out, so don’t be shy to ask! Ashley’s family loves God, Loves others,and loves to have fun while doing both! 

Mrs. Tracy Hagler

Tracy has 5 children ages 22 - 6. She has homeschooled since her oldest was in 2nd grade. She loves to study the word of God, have fun, play games, all things theater, logic, reading books, and eating tacos!!

Mrs. Rachael Ledgerwood

Mrs. Ledgerwood has been home schooling her two children for 8 years. She has a B.S. of Ed from Geneva College. She taught at the elementary-level, has trained adults, and now runs her own tutoring service. Mrs. Ledgerwood loves to cook, hang out with her family, play games, and watch movies.

Mrs. Merry Ohler

Merry Ohler is a wife, mother to three, and homemaker who has homeschooled her children since her oldest was in preschool. Her children are now in 5th, 3rd and 1st grades. She is also a working writer and runs a photography business. She received her first camera from her parents for Christmas when she was seven and has been a storyteller since she learned to write. Mrs. Ohler is a second-generation homeschooler; she was homeschooled through 4th grade, attended private Christian school through junior high, and attended public high school. She is passionate about serving Jesus first in every sphere of life. Before starting her photography business and writing when her oldest son was born, her professional experience included sales and service training, training system development, B2B marketing and sales, travel, management, and retail merchandising. She has been married to Mr. Ohler since 2009 and resides in Liberty, MO. Mrs. Ohler's favorite hobbies include playing board games, cooking, baking, crocheting, crafts, painting art, learning to play piano, reading, writing, spending time outdoors in God's beautiful creation, and trying to keep her ever-growing collection of houseplants alive.

Mrs. Dana Polo

Dana Polo met her husband in the Southwest Baptist University Music Department. They have been married for 23 years and have five children who have been schooled every which way: public, private, and at home. She enjoys serving her church in the women's and music ministry, cooking, gardening, experimenting with plant propagation, reading the news, and playing logic and word games. She never thought she would be a home schooling mom, but she's glad she is.

Mrs. Angela Ramphal

My name is Angela Ramphal. I'm a wife and mother of three children ages 22, 16, and 14. I work as a personal shopper part time and enjoy nature and being with my family. Teaching my children at home and teaching at co-op has been a joy to me. I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces this fall!

Mrs. Rachel Rittenhouse

Mrs. Rittenhouse earned a BA in Criminal Justice/Criminology from UMKC, followed by an MS in CJ/C from the University of Cincinnati. She and her husband Matt have been married since 2009, and have two children, Erik and Andrew. Mrs. Rittenhouse enjoys good humor, cooking, crocheting, reading, and training search and rescue dogs. She and her search dog Grendel are nationally certified and work for the State of Kansas.

Mrs. Michelle Seal

Michelle began homeschooling her two children in 2020. In 2022 her family moved from Kansas, where they had live for over 14 years, to Kansas City, Mo.

Michelle was homeschooled from K-12th grade but never thought she would choose to homeschool her own children. She is so glad that God had other plans. 

She loves history, geography, cooking, live theatre, sewing, gardening, creating art, and staying up late watching TV with her husband.

Mrs. Joly Watson

In 2021 I had registered my oldest Son Jackson for kindergarten. I had extreme anxiety through the whole process, I thought it was normal and that all moms experience this. As the summer was quickly coming to an end and school got closer my anxiety grew stronger and I began to feel like what I was feeling was more then just the "normal anxiety" So I did what I should have done months prior. 

I prayed.... I asked for clear signs, for peace, for confidence, and for support if I should chosoe to homeschool. Two weeks before school was supposed to start the Lord answered and it couldn't have been more clear! I thought I'd try it for kindergarten and then maybe I'd be ok to send him to school for the first grade...... I was not!

Jackson is about to start third grade and my youngest Mack will start first grade and I can't imagine life any other way!

I was born in Vancouver BC, I moved to Portland Oregon when I was 18 to attend a small christian college where I met my husband JT, this year we will have been married for 16 years! 

We have lived on the West Coast, the East Coast, and the Gulf Coast. When we moved to KC we felt like we were home! So we moved here for good in 2016 .

In January 2023 I became an American Citizen So now you're all really stuck with me!